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Call now for a skip bin, and     tell us  were to stick it.

Meet the Team

Your weekends are special

Easy payment methods

XS Waste Skips 

Simple to organize

Let your Excess Rubbish

 become our XS Waste .

"Excess Rubbish !! = Blue Bins , Black Dog , XS Waste Skips = Problem Solved ".

Is this how you want to spend your weekend, waiting in line at the tip. Squeezing rubbish into bags or trailers, paying to get into the tip, then unloading the rubbish. Your precious weekend is gone.            Call XS Waste skips for a skip bin.

Offsider - Wilson

Eats food, wags tail, customer relations ( very friendly) sleeps most of the time, nothing else really.

Simply give us a call early in the week. We will drop off a skip bin, leave it for a day or leave it for a week, your choice, we  give you plenty of time to fill it. Give us a call when its full, or we just come back in 7 days and its gone. Problem solved.

Danny Woulfe

(  Wolfy)

Born and raised in Mildura a long time ago.

Job description

Owner, driver, book keeper, maintenance,

bin recycler, bin cleaner, truck cleaner and all the required jobs my offsider wont do.

As we say, we are working for you. Payment can be made Cash or EFTPOS . 

We request payment  on delivery, just so we can have someone to show us where to put the skip bin, make payment, then we don't have to bother you again.

Pay over the phone, leave the money in the meter box, under the mat. We are here to make it simple. 

XS Waste Skips

XS Waste Skips is a locally owned, and operated Business, supplying skip bins to Mildura and the surrounding   areas. We offer a fast, prompt service, to help with the removal of your excess waste. We have 2, 3, and 4 cubic meter skip bins that can fit into the tightest spots.

If you are ready to tackle  that carport , garden shed, spare room, over grown garden or garage . XS Waste is here to help with a skip bin.

Time to move house,or  maybe its a rental inspection day , get rid of all those unwanted, broken, or things that just stopped working. Call XS Waste Skips for a skip bin.